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A little about me...

As an Accredited Staging Professional and the owner of The Space Plan I recognize potential and visualize the beauty in all spaces. During my many years as a Realtor and staging several of my own homes to sell, this is when my passion for staging and redesign was discovered. My niche is in occupied staging and one of my strengths is in guiding the seller to detach, depersonalize and declutter. As well as staging and redesign I am also ready to roll up my sleeves with home organizational issues. Whether it’s a closet, pantry or garage, I am ready to help tackle those overwhelming projects.

My commitment is to guide and inspire my clients to surround themselves in a space that has their personality, is functional and timeless.

“There’s something really gratifying in watching smiles grow as they walk inside a home that you have prepared. Whether it’s staging for sale or a redesign to re-love your home again, being a part of that joy is truly the ultimate reward.”

Making people happy by making things beautiful

always behind the scene

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Sandra Correia


A geek who is into fashion & of course design which has always been one of the largest factors to her success in the industry.

well thoughtout plans

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Realtor Packages

Realtors are you tired of sellers that don't stage their home? We both know that they are leaving money on the table. Let me help you look great to your clients.

According to the National Association of Realtors staging a home increased the dollar value of the home between 6% to 10%.

Discounted Realtor Partnerships

"Getting to Know You" Partnership - $712 (A $750 Value)
3 Pre-Paid Staging Consultations & Reports at 5% Discount

Detailed walk through of the home and report given to seller of action items to complete. Open house checklist, preferred vendor list and organizational strategies provided.

Bronze Partnership - $1575 (A $1750 Value)
7 Pre-Paid Staging Consultations & Reports at 10% Discount

Silver Partnership - $3000 (A $3750 Value)
15 Pre-Paid Staging Consultations/Reports at 20% Discount

Gold Partnership - $4050 (A $4500 Value)
10 “Realtor Revives” at a 10% Discount

Besides the detailed walk through and report, a half day is spent staging, organizing, and working with the homeowner to prepare the home for MLS photos or open house day. This may include shopping for key items that will make a huge difference in the sale of the home or style of the home.

Platinum Partnership - $7200 (A $9000 Value)
20 “Realtor Revives” at a 20% Discount

½ Day of Staging combined with basic consultation

**Note – Some of our Partner Realtors simply pay for the discounted home staging services up front and charge the expense to their fees in close of escrow.

well thoughtout plans

Plans are better than just an estimate.

Staging Pricing

Occupied Staging


/ total

Premium Consultation, Home Assessment

The "walk and talk" report

Research is done ahead of time to identify buyer demographic

Detailed walkthrough of the home and detailed report given to seller of action items to complete

Open House checklist, preferred vendor list and organizational strategies provided

Get It Sold Power Staging


/ total

Design Plan is made prior to staging day, so that we get the most from the day.

Accessories are chosen and brought to the home to provide seller with photographic list of shopping items that make a difference in the photos.

Expect to roll up your sleeves and send a day working side-by-side staging and photographing each room.

We will start with the main areas and expand from there as time allows.

Power Shopping Service


/ total

Power Shopping Service (up to 3 hours of shopping, delivery and set up)

Working off of agreed shopping list, I go to my favorite spots to identify key items that will make a huge difference in the sale of your home or style of your home.

Cash is collected up front and receipts are provided along with items to the client’s home.

Redesign Pricing

Redesign can introduce beauty, comfort and functionality in our life. Listening and understanding your needs, together we can come up with a perfect pan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Investing in good design adds value to your home. One can end up spending more time and money in the long run without a professional who can pass along their expertise and trade discounts. In case you want to sell your house, a proper design will help to raise the value of your home. Buyers are looking for a well-designed home on which they do not have to spend more time and effort, especially in the case of rentals.



/ total

2-3 hours where we discuss the projects that you would like to tackle

Project Fees


/ hour
10 hour minimum

A design plan, color scheme, textures, flooring, tile, lighting, etc. will be sourced and submitted for your approval

There will be a time sheet kept

Although I do have a list of preferred vendors/contractors, I do suggest that you interview your own as well

All trade discounts for materials/fixtures will be passed to you

Organization Pricing

"Getting your house in order and reducing the confusion gives you more control over your life. Personal organization somehow releases or frees you to operate more effictively" - Larry King

Consultation $100 (fee will be discounted from services of 10 hours or more)

During the consultation we discuss the areas that need to be addressed, what kind of storage solutions are needed, how you would like to use the space, wants and don’t wants, and how much time is needed to complete the job (shopping is $75/hr, money needed for shopping is to be paid upfront and receipts will be provided)

5 Hours | $80/hr | $400
10 Hours | $75/hr | $750
15 Hours | $70/hr | $1050
20 Hours | $65/hr | $1300

AirBnB Pricing

Airbnb is one of the most popular digital platforms attracting millions of travelers. If you are interested in turning your space into a hotel or perhaps investing in an Airbnb, your time is limited to make a great impression online.
As a traveler searching for their next destination, it is critical to have amazing photos of a welcoming space that says, "BOOK ME NOW!"
I will take the guesswork of what to include and complete the décor to attract the most online views, the most likes, and of course the most bookings.

Typical consultation (2hours) - $250
Provide you with a checklist for all your guests needs
Tips for better photos
A plan of action for design ideas

Need Help Sourcing - $450 each room
After the consultation, I will source everything that we discussed in consultation that your guests will need and love. This includes furniture, kitchen items, and décor
I will provide you with a detailed shopping plan and shopping links so that you can purchase each item yourself

Empty Rental
If you would like to take the guess work of what to buy and how to style, take advantage of my to the trade discounts. In this plan you can buy better quality furnishings at a huge discount.
This service costs about 30% of the total furnishings bill and a timesheet is kept.
For an additional $200 I will provide a booklet with photos of each room, so that the cleaners can maintain the look and style of the space

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep
- Scott Adams
well thoughtout plans

Plans are better than just an estimate.

Once your dreams become reality, we can look back together and say, we just did it right, for everyone.