What we do, and why you will LOVE us.

Web Design

Designing and Developing websites and mobile applications for over 20+ years.

Customer Service

24/7 availability when any questions or concerns should come up.

Mobile App

When a potential client needs to see your resume, skills or view your expertise.

Business Ready

YOUR website will be up and running in just a matter of weeks.

Get your website done in four easy steps

1st step

Professional intuitive consultation

2nd step

Design & Development Comps

3rd step

Development and Build Phase

4th step

Launch & Strategy Phase

iDesignTEK leads the way to get you and your website up and running in a timely manner, and after the site is built and launched, we continue with you free of charge to help you update and revise your site.... We don't leave you in the dust after the site is launched, we stand by you throughout your process.

  • WordPress Custom CMS
  • Responsive Mobile Apps
  • Complete Custom Logo Design
  • In-Person Tutorials
  • Video Editing
  • Front and Back End Development

Other features we offer

One of the most important stages of your site is the SEO stage, defining the business model and achieving the success you desire.

Meet with us to design a complete custom designed unique brand that will be 100% original, we deliver files that match your business application needs

Wordpress Custom Design Development, within a structured, easy to use, tutorial based lesson planned classroom.

We are here for you every step of the way AFTER your site is built, this is about keeping up with the Jones' and making sure your site is NEVER out of date!