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Our Team

Robbie Sherre has been in the Web Development Industry for over 10+ years, getting his start at Clear Channel Communications, Robbie has worked with the following: Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Jim Rome, Fox Sports, Premiere Radio Networks, Art Bell, George Noory, Ryan Seacrest, Casey Kasem, The City of Pasadena, and many others.

Technical Skills

Front and back-end development, HTML5/CSS3, Responsive web design, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML, AJAX, Git, Subversion (SVN), Wordpress Custom Theming, Drupal 7, Section 508 Compliance, organic search engine optimization and strategy. Robbie clearly brings an expertise to web development as a liason to both the creative development and backend development teams.

Starting his career in database administration over 20 years ago.

James received extensive training in relational database design, SQL, and VBA.

Knowing that the future of his knowledge counted on applying it to the web, James began teaching himself PHP.

James' database and programming knowledge has increased exponentially with each new problem he has had to solve. He has kept current on all the latest web technologies and has built eCommerce sites that would rival... dare I say surpass...any other. James prides himself on building full featured sites that encompass all aspects of his clients business in an easy to use, extremely powerful web application.

James is also a certified PHP/MYSQL developer and is well versed in JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax.

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